Easy on

This video demonstrates how easy the HydroButt-CONNECT is to intergrate to your pipework when you have cut your drainpipe to size ready for fitting

Easy off

Maintenance or cleaning your HydroButt-CONNECT could not be any simpler. With the use of the "magic clip", you can detach your HydroButt in seconds, watch the video!

Square & Round

The Hydrobutt is now available to fit both round and square downpipe guttering. Both versions are made to fit all standard UK PVC drainpipe.

Fast Connections

To connect hosepipe to the waterbutt could not be quicker using "hoselock" style connections to the tap and outlet.

Speedy installation

Quick and easy installation. The HydroButt can be installed in aunder 15 minutes with minimul DIY knowledge and slo only a few tools needed.


The HydroButts slim line design blends into all properties, you wont even know it's there.

Multiple waterbutts

Connect as many waterbutts as possible to ensure maximum rainfull collection, lets go!

Single waterbutt

Should space be a problem, connect a single waterbutt with ease.

NO electricty

The HydroButt has no moving parts so it does not require any electricity, bonus.

Multiple colours

Colours that are currently available are BROWN, WHITE & BLACK.

Quick drain

Simply open the HydtoButt tap to drain all connecting waterbutts at the same time.


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