Hydro-Connect Installation

installing direct to downpipe

The Hydro-Connect can be fitted quickly with only minimul DIY knowledge required by following these 5 simple steps.

installation time approx 15minutes.

Tools required: Saw, tape measure, pencil or pen for marking.

Step 1

Position the waterbutt into desired location on level ground

Mark the downpipe level with the top of the waterbutt - A

Mark the downpipe at point B xxx millimeters from mark A


When your waterbutt is in position, measure the distance from the top of the waterbutt to the eave. Make a note of the distance as required in the next step.

If the eave is to far away, you can use the brick line to assist. make a note of the brick line closest to the top of the waterbutt.

Using the same distance from the waterbutt to the top of the eave, make a mark on the drain pipe.

Step 2

Use a saw to cut through the downpipe at mark A

Cut through the downpipe at mark B

Use sharp knife to trim any burrs left by the saw cut

Step 3

Insert the Hydrobutt into the bottom part of the downpipe and align with the downpipe.

Step 4

Lift the Hydrobutt into position

Insert the split clip (magic clip) provided and it will snap into place

Reattach wall brackets previously removed.

Step 5

Attach the hose connector to the threaded protrusion at the side of the Hydrobutt.

Attach the hose pipe to the hose connector.

Attach the other end of the hose to the waterbutt tap.


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