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How it works

The HydroButt collects water just like a regular water but
Replace your water with the HydroButt in minutes
Rainwater simply runs off the roof and down the drainpipe. The water is caught by the rainwater diverter and is then sent to the HydroButt.
Water then leaves the bottom of the HydroButt
Multihose adapter is located at the HydroButt's base
As the HydroButt starts to fill up, water flows out of the bottom of the device via a hose. The hose is connected to a multi hose connector that caters for 1/2" or 3/4" hose.
The larger the hose, the faster the water flow to or from a water butt or storage tank. The other end of the hose is easily connected to the water butt tap.

Gravity and Hydrostatic Pressure
Let mother nature do the work for you
The HydroButt is a gravity fed system, that feeds the water to the water butt(s) by gravity. As the water butt(s) fill, so will the HydroButt, due to Hydrostatic pressure. Both units will fill at the same level until an equilibrium has been reached.
It is important to ensure the height of the water butt(s) is slightly higher than the overflow of the rainwater diverter. The upper most height of the HydroButt can be at the same height or higher than the water butt.
Multiple water butts
Connect as many water butts as you can
Where multiple water butts are needed to save more water, simply daisy chain the water butts together with standard hosepipe attached to the water butt taps. All that is needed at each water butt is a hose pipe T-Connector.

The water butt(s) and HydroButt will not overflow
Waste water will run back down your downpipe
As soon as maximum water capacity has been met, and with continuous rainfall, any excess water will simply flow back through the rainwater diverter and down the drainpipe.
To understand different levels that can effect the HydroButt, click here.