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Space saving, slim line design
The HydroButt can be installed almost anywhere
Lets face it, a water butt isn't the most prettiest of devices and if you had the choice, would you really want it placed in full view next to your house/shed or similar?
However, it has to be large to hold vast amounts of collected rainwater. A standard water butt dimensions are as follows: 122cm (h) x 53cm x 53cm
The HydroButt dimensions are 126cm (h) x 6.5cm x 6.5cm, the space saving design enable the device to be installed almost anywhere.

Connect directly to your rainwater diverter
Connects in seconds to your pre-installed rainwater diverter
Simply fit the HydroButt to your existing rainwater diverter or install a new diverter. In most cases, the HydroButt would replace your water butt.
For installation guidelines regarding the rainwater diverter, please click here.

Draining your HydroButt & connecting water butts
It's as easy as opening a tap
The HydroButt also incorporates a tap that allows you to empty your water butts, even if they are inaccessible. In other words your water butt can be positioned in any convenient location in your garden or property.
Simply use it to fill buckets, watering cans or even connect hosepipe for watering your garden.
All connecting water butts will drain simultaneously because of Hydrostatic pressure as mentioned above.

Easy connect Hozelock tap
Quick connection
You can quickly connect standard garden hose pipe to the HydroButt tap with all compatible tap connectors.
This is ideal if you would like water your garden directly or use soak away hose.

Dust cap & water level checker
Check those water levels in seconds
The dust cap speaks for itself, prevent dust and other debris falling into the Hydrobutt and causing it to clog.
Another important feature is that you can quickly check the level of all your water butts by lifting off the dust cap and looking directly in the HydroButt. The level in the HydroButt will always be the same as the water butts because of Hydrostatic pressure.
To understand different levels and setups, please click here.

Choice of three colours
Brown, white & black
The HydroButt has been designed to blend in with the existing pipe work to avoid becoming an eyesore.

We have chosen the three most popular down pipe colours currently used in properties around the UK, brown, white and black.
You can select your desired colour through the checkout process.