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Every household should have one

Saving water is such a hot topic these days. However most water saving systems are expensive, space consuming and require professional installation. The HydroButt is the ideal garden accessory.

Rainwater harvesting should not be complicated or expensive. The HydroButt is a versatile and affordable system that can be installed in almost any garden in minutes.
Water meters are currently being installed to all houses within the UK. For keen gardeners or fish keeping enthusiasts, watering your garden or topping up your pond can be a pricey task, it's completely free with the HydroButt.
Various setups

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- for full information about all the HydroButt's features, please click here.
Relocate your water butts
You can move your water butt out of sight or to a preferred location anywhere on your property and still save rain water, over 120ft away.
How many water butts?
You can connect as many water butts or water storage tanks as you desire, with ease. Increase your saved rainwater capacity in minutes.
No electricity
You do not need electricity to power the HydroButt, it runs purely on mother nature.
The HydroButt is available in 3 colours:
Space saving design
Its slim line design enables the device to be installed almost anywhere. 
15 Minute installation
The HydroButt is wall mountable and can be installed with minimal DIY knowledge. 
Multi hose adaptor
This device enables you to connect 1/2" and 3/4" hose with ease.  
Tap with hoselock connection
The HydroButt also incorporates a tap that allows you to empty all water butts at the same time, even when water butts are in-accessible.

The "hoselock" connection enables you to connect standard hose connectors in seconds.

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